SoapSpaces: Debbie of Soapylove!

Thursday, August 27, 2009 |

Yes, the genius Debbie Chialtas of Soapylove graciously opened up her home to us to show off her SoapSpace! She is living proof that SoapSpaces come in all sizes... you don't need a huge soapspace to make it can use your diningroom table!

Your space is the kitchen and dinner table
I work on new designs and tutorial projects in my kitchen and on the dinner table.
It's located in our little condo in San Diego
Your favorite find is my 9" square silicone brownie pan with a super glossy surface. It's my workhorse!
I've had my soapspace for over 4 years but we're moving to a house this weekend! Yahoo!
Do you keep anything around for inspiration? Yes, I have a collection of supplies and little things I want to try "someday." I mainly collect photos and catalogs of details or ideas I like, though.
Do you like to have anything on in the background while you work? No, I find music distracting when I'm working. Either it's too fast or too slow - I'd rather just have peace and quiet since that's very rare for me. I have a 4 yr old and 1 1/2 yr old, so you can imagine the chaos!
How often do you visit your soapspace? Constantly, but I wish I had a dedicated soap space. That would be amazing!
Is your soapspace a public or private place? My kitchen is very public - the family is in there constantly!

Thanks so much, Debbie! Please check out all Debbie has to offer: Her infamous Soapsicles and other M&P art, and did you know she's also an incredibly talented author who sends out M&P e-zines and will soon be releasing a book!
How fun is that?
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