SoapSpaces: Skye of Elysium Bath and Body

Thursday, September 3, 2009 |

Skye from Elysium Bath and Body is celebrating the opening of her new SoapSpace and invited us in to take a look. Congratulations!!!!

Your space is 100sqm (1000sq feet) and has soap production, cutting, drying and wrapping areas, office, dispatch and storage and a spare room for the kids with TV, chairs, toys and games for when I work in the school holidays
It's located 20 minutes from home, I catch a car ferry across the harbor, a lovely way to go to work.
Your favorite find is stainless steel benches, brand new and half price at auction.
I've had my soapspace for one month now, so it is still new and exciting
Do you keep anything around for inspiration? I have a lot of soap and aromatherapy books, soaps from swaps and gifts and an ideas folder for when I need shake myself out of a rut.
Do you like to have anything on in the background while you work? The radio on quietly
How often do you visit your soapspace? Every week day (5 days a week)
Is your soapspace a public or private place? It is my own space, but I expect clients will visit from time to time.

Thanks, Skye! Be sure to visit Elysium Bath and Body to check out all of the great stuff Skye is making in her new digs.